Lumarine AS was founded in 2015 under the name Rognkallen AS, and was initially a producer of lumpfish. The company was established by a group of people with years of experience in farming new species, and the company started operations in Tømmervåg in Aure municipality.

In 2016, Kistefos AS joined as owners, and significant investments were made in new infrastructure at the facility in Tømmervåg. This is now a highly modern and top quality facility. It has had full production of lumpfish since 2017.

In the first half of 2019, Lumarine acquired two companies: Njord Salmon AS in Tjeldbergodden and Atlantic Lumpus AS at Sleneset in Nordland. These companies are now named Lumarine Tjeldbergodden and Lumarine Sleneset.

Since acquiring Njord Salmon in 2019, Lumarine has been working on plans to exploit existing capacity and to develop activities at Bioparken. Residual heat from Equinor makes makes Bioparken a very energy efficient location for warm water aquaculture.

By signing partnership agreements with Mowi for ballan wrasse and Gadus for cod, Lumarine has successfully developed predictable production, based on existing capacity that will last throughout 2024.

The two contracts provide solid foundations for further development of this location. The cod industry is witnessing significant growth, despite being in an early stage of development. Young fish capacity is a bottleneck for cod farmers in their current efforts to scale up from trial activities to commercial volumes. Lumarine aims to take a leading role for the industry by providing young fish capacity at Tjeldbergodden, to meet the industry's needs. More specifically, this implies establishing new growth capacity in facilities to be filled with cod fry from the company's own production in collaboration with other fry suppliers.

We carry out R&D with selected partners, aiming to increase our knowledge and develop new and better technology and methods that will result in improved fish welfare and more robust fish of higher quality.

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